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Charleston Chewies are the Best Kept Secret in the Lowcountry

(If you're looking for a recipe click here, this just post is just a love letter to the most perfect dessert known to man and where to find them)

If New York has cheesecake and New Orleans has beignets, then Charleston has Chewies, and I, for one, think they should get a lot more praise than they do.

If you've never had a Chewy, you're really missing out. It's a sweet bar cookie, (in the same family as brownies). The combination of brown sugar, butter and pecans give them a warm caramel flavor with a distinct nuttiness. They're buttery, salty, sweet, crunchy and (of course) chewy. They are the perfect combination of taste and textures that despite having dominated the dessert table at many Lowcountry family gatherings, picnics, and bake sales, have yet to really garner all the accolades they deserve in Charleston's culinary scene.

That said they're are a few places, where you can go to get your Chewy fix.

This husband and wife duo, just opened a new location at 2021B Reynolds Ave Suite 102, North Charleston, SC 29405 and are my favorite go to spot for chewies and other goodies. They've got them available with and without nuts, or if you're feeling fancy, try the Chewy ice cream sundae!

Owner, Faith Alston is taking Chewies up to new levels at her bakery Moncks Corner. In addition to original, she's got tons of other unique flavors like Strawberry Crunch Chewies, Cheesecake Chewies and my personal favorite : Red Velvet!

Yep, you read that right! for a limited time I'll be adding them to my Online Shoppe, so head on over to the and place an order for yours today!

Honorable Mention: Swank Desserts, Summerville

if you are one of those people who doesn't like nut for whatever reason, then I would implore you to head over to Swank Desserts located at 110 A S Cedar St, Summerville, SC 29483 and try the Brown Butter Blondie. Though its not a true Chewy in my book, this delicious nut free treat is pretty close, and gives you all the buttery, chewy goodness as the classic.


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