One Time Classes

You can come to Charleston and dine on wonderful food and hundreds of different restaurants, what happens when you go home and want that dish again? Well, I've got you covered. In this 2 hour experience I'll show you how to make some of Charleston's most iconic dishes, and a few of my personal favorites. No culinary background required. 

Guests will work in pairs, to prepare a meal for two, feel free to book with a friend or come solo and be paired with a fellow traveler!


I’ll provide everything you need: Recipe, Ingredients, tools and personalized instruction

Cooking Courses

Looking to build on your culinary skills? Then consider signing up for one of our on going courses. 

Each class will build on the lessons before, and attendees will have the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of technique and skills related to the subject.

Just like the classes I’ll provide everything you need: Recipes, Ingredients, tools and personalized instruction. 

Image credit: Ruta Smith, for Charleston City Paper

Cooking Workshops

Want to learn more about one specific area of cooking? Curious about Keto? Thinking of going vegan? Gearing up to host your first Thanksgiving? Then you should check out one of my informational cooking workshops. 

My workshops are designed to go more in depth than my regular cooking classes to give a broader understanding of different cooking principles, dietary styles or cooking techniques

Workshops run about four hours and include informative presentations, handouts in addition to everything you need for the cooking portion of the workshop.  

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