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A 'Sweet' Bridal Shower Tea

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a bridal shower tea for one of my closest friends and I couldn't be more pleased with the way things turned out!

Here's a peek at some of my favorite details from the shower and how I pulled it off.


Invitations help set the tone for your event, and introduce guests to your theme. I made the invitations myself using a template from and was able to print them myself. but I also sent out a coordinating evite to better keep track of RSVPs.


We really lucked up when she decided she wanted to have her bridal shower weekend in my home town of Charleston, SC.

  • Charleston Tea Plantation is just a few miles away.

  • So is Firefly Distillery, where they make Sweet Tea vodka

  • And the bride-to-be and about half the guests went to high school in Summerville, South Carolina (which claims to be of the birthplace of sweet tea

It's like we hit the "tea' jackpot and you better believe I integrated them all in to our sweet bridal shower tea.


A traditional high tea menu is filled with small bites like scones, tea cakes, cute little cookies and lots of other pretty food that won't do much to put a dent in hunger. I was not about to risk having a bunch of hangry guests so I opted to keep the food simple and light but still satisfying.

  • Cranberry Pecan Chicken salad on Croissants

  • Deviled Eggs with Shrimp

  • Assorted Tea sandwiches

  • Caesar Salad

  • Fruit Salad

  • Hot Tea station

  • Grammy's Sweet Tea

  • Spiked Tea Bar

  • Tea Tiers with an assortment of cupcakes, scones, and cookies


The bride-to-be requested a peach and mint color pallet, but gave me free reign to make choices on everything else. I opted to add in some gold accents, floral patterns and lots of fresh flowers in tea pots. Lace table linens and some DIY tea tiers were the perfect touches to complete our Sweet Southern Belle Tea.

Fun and Games

The best part of planning a shower for one of your best friends of over 15 years is that you get to include tons on special touches that I knew she'd love, like her grandma's special sweet tea recipe, a fun ice breaker to warm up all the guest, and this bridal Jeopardy game with tons of details about the bride, groom and their lives together.

A special thank you to Aneris Photography for capturing all the wonderful details of this event!

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