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#Winning with Lowe's

Between managing a handful of vacation rentals, renovating a new event space and purchasing my first home, I spend a ridiculous amount of time (and money) at my local Lowe's Home Improvement store. It's pretty much my second home at this point and I'm always keeping my eyes open for good deals.

So on a recent trip, I was pleased with a store associate handed me a flyer about contest for the Upskill Project. The winner would get $2000, a design consultation and side by side instruction to help complete a DIY project of their choice.

Uh... SIGN ME UP!!!

My mind was racing with all the projects I could knock out with $2000 but I quickly narrowed it down to two.

As much as I would've loved to get new flooring for my kitchen and dining room, from everything I'd read about the project and the goal of the contest is to teach people skills they can use again and potentially share what the learned with others in the community. And to be honest... I couldn't really think of a time when I would be using that again so I opted to go with some outdoor landscaping and curb appeal.

Not only is it something my home desperately needs, it's something my neighbors would benefit from. First, simply by not having to look at the plant graveyard I call a flowerbed but also it's knowledge, insight and skills I could easily share.

I read the contest rules to be sure my entry would qualify and with a HUGE push from my friend Jasmine, I grabbed my selfie stick and got to work.

*Clearly I'm not 100% comfortable in front of the camera, but hey... greatness is just outside of your comfort zone right?

I submitted my video entry on the second to last day of the contest and didn't give it much thought until a few weeks later and a call from a strange number (that I almost ignored) telling me I had won!

I am really really excited to get to work on this project. I've been paired with an awesome designer, who's very knowledgeable and has a great vision for what we can do in the space I have.

I can't wait to share what we've come up with. So if you haven't already, be sure to follow me on Instagram, like my page on Facebook and subscribe here to follow along!

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